Sri Lanka

The Biggest Adventure – Coming Home

I will never forget the day I decided to come home, I was sitting in a 4.5 star resort in Alexandria Egypt, it was mothers day and I had just … Continue Reading →

straddie 5

Stradbroke Island – Queensland’s Little Secret

Stradbroke Island Beaches The typical tourist trail for International Backpackers in Australia usually involves travelling up the East Coast of Australia, starting in Sydney or Melbourne, then making their way … Continue Reading →

La Havre, France

La Harve, France

  The first port on the “Cruise from Hell” was the seaside village of La Havre, France.  I have previously had the privilege of travelling through France, I’ve eaten croissants … Continue Reading →

West Minster Abbey, London, United Kingdom

Sightseeing in London

When I first went to London in 2004 it was a completely different experience to what I had this time round, when I first travelled here I was, younger and … Continue Reading →

Belle's New Look

Welcome Back to London

My first visit to the capital city of the United Kingdom, London, was in the summer of 2004 and initially when I started my round the world travelling expedition I … Continue Reading →

Celebrity Infinity Cruise Ship

Celebrity Infinity Cruises

Recently I had the opportunity to take my very first ever trip on a Luxury Cruise Liner, after being away from Australia for so long, my Mother was desperate to … Continue Reading →

Beaches of Trincomalee "Trinco" Sri Lanka

Trincomalee “Trinco”, Sri Lanka

After a disappointing stay in Arugam Bay, I was desperate to get back to the beautiful beaches that I had experienced during my first visit to the country.  One of … Continue Reading →

Krishna Murphy & Travelling Belle

Touring Tea Estates, Nuwara Eliya

When making my way from the Nanu Oya train station to the King Fern Bungalow in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka, I had the privilege of meeting Krishna Murthy, a Tuk … Continue Reading →

Nuwara Eliya, Architecture, Sri Lanka, Hill Country

Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka

One of the most fantastic things about travelling without an itinerary is that it opens up your travelling experiences to recommendations from people you meet along your journey and whilst … Continue Reading →

Ella Rock, Ella, Sri Lanka, Hill Country, Hike

Ella Rock, Sri Lanka

The sleepy little town of Ella, in Sri Lanka provides the perfect interlude into the fabulous Hill Country that this wonderful country has on offer, the lush green forests, undulating … Continue Reading →